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Haul Toys Unboxing Gearbest Review (Dollhouse Accessories)

I’ve received free toys from Gearbest. They asked me what items that I want to review. I chose the things that I think I can use to my next project. Yes! you read it right I am working on functional 1:12 scale kitchen, smaller than the kitchen that I’m currently using. I’m hoping that it will be finished before April.

Here are my full unboxing review video.

1:12 scale lamp and chandelier. I hope I can figure it out if the light is working or just a display.

Different kinds of miniature glass, bowls, mugs, plates. The materials are made of plastic. (but it’s more cool if they made from real glass.)

This is the exact paint of our plates when I was a kid.


Miniature umbrella; it’s cute but unfortunately it can’t be opened.


Cute! Right?


I can surely put this in my miniature furniture 🙂


So cute 🙂 But the cup is non removable.

Miniature utensils


Miniature Tea Set 🙂




Here are the link where you can check it and buy                                                                 

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Thank you so much watching and reading my blog 🙂

To God Be All The Glory


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