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Miniature Tea sets

I’ve been planning to share my collections, I always receive questions where did I get mini stuff, where on Earth did I buy these miniature things etc. Today, I give time to show you my tea set collection and don’t worry I’m planning to show you all my collections and even tour you to my kitchen soon. Currently I have 5 tea sets, I took pictures with their measurements to give you an idea how small they are.

  1. Let’s start to my first ever miniature tea set. The Miniature Tea set Family Bear, I bought this for 100 pesos only, oh yeah you heard me right 100 pesos only no more no less, lucky huh?

miniature teaset bear

mini teaset plate size


Plate’s diameter 2 & 1/2 inch






Cup’s measurement; 1 & 1/2 inch diameter and 1 inch high.


Sugar jar’s measurement: top 1 inch and height is 1 & 1/2 inch.

Milk jar: Top measurement less than 2 inches while its height is 1 & 1/2 inch.


2.  Miniature Frozen Tea Set  I bought this one in Toys R Us. Me and my niece was looking for some toys for her, I was so thrilled and excited when she showed what she found. I bought this just for 250 pesos only. The quality is just okay, I am fan of Queen Elsa but honestly I don’t like the print maybe because I would like to see the realistic design like floral or anything that I usually see on the normal size of tea set but I am so happy to have this since this is a miniature and I can put real hot water in it. Yehey!!!

Miniature teaset frozen complete setmini teaset frozen

frozen teaset plate
Plate’s diameter; 2 inches.
frozen teaset jar
Teapot’s height 2 inches.

Cup’s measurement: Circumference 1 &  1/8 inch, height is just and inch.

3. Miniature Polka Dot Tea Set.  I got this in Divisoria, I bought this just for 280 pesos only.  I thought this was made in cheap materials, but the design and color was pretty and relaxing to stare. The measurements of cups and plates are the same with my Bear tea set except to Jar. miniature tea set polka designmini tea set polka dot designMeasurements: Jar’s height with cover 3 inches; without 2 & 1/2 inch only


4. Miniature Floral Tea Set. This is the smallest tea set I have so far, it is 1:12 scale. I got this from Bangood, they sent me this for free. I am not sure where this made from but I think this is hand made because of its imperfect shape of tea cup. But I can not deny, how cute it is and it’s very relaxing to look at

bangood teaset


sizes of miniature
Plate: 2 cm 
Saucer: 1 cm 
Sugar jar: 1 cm
Tea cup: 1 cm


sugar jar miniature
Sugar jar 1 cm


5.  Miniature Autumn Tea Set. This set is a gift from my Youtube friend Loki, who really loves miniature cooking. At first when she told me that she would send me a package I thought she was just joking but when she sent me the picture of it together with my address, I was not able to sleep for months, until I received the package, she also gave me miniature spices, Nutella (which are edible) and mini bowl .


Thank you so much Loki!

This miniature autumn tea set was made in high quality material, extremely flawless and the design is very realistic. This scale is perfect with the 1:3 and 1:6 scale kitchen.


This miniature autumn tea set was made in high quality material, extremely flawless and the design is very realistic. This scale is perfect with the 1:3 and 1:6 scale kitchen.



Miniature tea set from Switzerland

Having these kind of collection is giving me happiness. I can’t wait to share more. Let me know if you have collection too, you can send it through my email or send it on my Facebook fanpage. It’s pleasure to meet toy collectors and sharing experiences and thoughts about collecting.

To GOD be all the Glory!


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