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Ginisang Sardinas (Mini Cooking)

Ginisang Saridines or sauté Sardines is a very quick and easy recipe in less than 10 minutes you can have a delicious viand.

Here are the ingredients




Fish sauce




Sardines in can or bottle jar.

You can follow the my recipe on my Youtube video.



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Spaghetti Sardines

Sardines is one of my favorite viand and spread on my bread, I’ve never thought that Sardines is rich in Omega 3, which is good for our heart.

Today I made mini Spaghetti Sardines which you can also cook this in normal size of servings, the amount of ingredients it’s up to you 🙂

Here are the ingredients:

Spaghetti (I made my own spaghetti so I can cut it according to the size and long that I prefer)

Sardines (In can) I recommended the mild spicy.

Cooking Oil





Cheddar Cheese

Fresh Tomato

Tomato sauce

For the instruction you may follow the steps on my video 🙂

To God be all the Glory!!!






Haul Toys Unboxing Gearbest Review (Dollhouse Accessories)

I’ve received free toys from Gearbest. They asked me what items that I want to review. I chose the things that I think I can use to my next project. Yes! you read it right I am working on functional 1:12 scale kitchen, smaller than the kitchen that I’m currently using. I’m hoping that it will be finished before April.

Here are my full unboxing review video.

1:12 scale lamp and chandelier. I hope I can figure it out if the light is working or just a display.

Different kinds of miniature glass, bowls, mugs, plates. The materials are made of plastic. (but it’s more cool if they made from real glass.)

This is the exact paint of our plates when I was a kid.


Miniature umbrella; it’s cute but unfortunately it can’t be opened.


Cute! Right?


I can surely put this in my miniature furniture 🙂


So cute 🙂 But the cup is non removable.

Miniature utensils


Miniature Tea Set 🙂




Here are the link where you can check it and buy                                                                 

The most hottest shop:

Doll House: Dollhouse   23%off

Toys: toy15off         15%off

Squishy: Squishyoff      15%off

Thank you so much watching and reading my blog 🙂

To God Be All The Glory


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Pinoy Style Spaghetti Recipe (Mini Food)

Spaghetti is all time fave dish, each countries has different style of cooking on their spaghetti. Here in the Philippines spaghetti is a superstar in all occasions especially in birthday parties. Today I will share on how we (Pinoy) cook our pasta. The difference of our spaghetti from other recipes is that we add banana catsup, sugar and more hotdogs. We love tamis asim (sweet and sour taste) in our sauce.

Here are the ingredients;

  1. Pasta
  2. Cooking oil
  3. Garlic
  4. Onions
  5. Red bell pepper
  6. Ground beef
  7. Hotdogs
  8. Carrots
  9. Salt
  10. Pepper
  11. Cheese
  12. Tomato paste
  13. Tomato sauce
  14. Brown sugar
  15. Banana Catsup

Pinoy style Spaghetti Recipe

Here’s my full video




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Crispy Sweet & Sour Chicken Recipe Miniature Cooking

Hi everyone! I am so sorry I was not able to upload this past few weeks due to Holidays. I missed you guys! I missed cooking, I wish I can upload videos everyday just for you. Today’s recipe is Chinese Style Sweet and sour chicken. You can make this recipe in normal size of serving. Tip for crispy chicken, you should try to double fry it 🙂

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Here are the ingredients;

  1. Breast Chicken
  2. Cornstarch
  3. Water
  4. Pepper and salt
  5. For frying you need more cooking oil (enough for deep frying)
  6. For sauce: You need a little cooking oil
  7. Garlic
  8. Onions
  9. Green and red bell pepper
  10. Fish sauce
  11. Tomato sauce
  12. Pineapple chunks and juice
  13. Pepper and salt

sweet and sour ingredients

Here’s  my cooking video:)

To God Be All The Glory!!!



I really love cooking set toys, that’s why when I saw this item on game center I thought this was perfect gift for my nieces this Christmas and it was nice to unbox it and share my review to you guys. I purchased it for 1700 points,  if I would buy this in real money I guessed this would worth 750 and to 1000 php (Philippine Peso).

Here are some pictures;

hello kitty salt and pepper
Hello Kitty Salt and Pepper Shaker 
Hello Kitty Hotdog and tray
Hello Kitty Hotdog and Tray
Hello Kitty Casserole
Hello Kitty Casserole 
Hello Kitty Frying Pan 
Hello Kitty Stove 
Hello Kitty Glass

Here’s my unboxing video: