About Us

 Miniature Cusina, is an online tiny cooking show uses a real ingredients to make edible real miniature food, cooked in a fully functional miniature kitchen. Started March 17 2015 in Manila Philippines. Because it has a catchy and unique concept, it caught the interest of many viewers worldwide.


Miniature Cusina’s online channel started as a hobby. It has given her the opportunity to step back from life’s daily hustle. Unexpectedly, cooking with her miniature tools and kitchen has caught the interest and has been followed by many online viewers globally. As a result, Miniature Cusina has become an online hit in miniature real food cooking.

Miniature Cusina is not really intended to be an act for children given that actual kitchen tools and equipment with fire, knife and recipes are being utilized. Still, it is loved by the young ages. On the other hand, many adults have also reached out and asked how each dish tastes and have stated interest where to find miniature ingredients as well as miniature kitchen cookware and other supplies.
While it started as just a hobby, Miniature Cusina has brought more to the plate than just a single swig menu on every video.


Miniature Cusina is more than being an online hit - it wants to reach people and make them feel the joy and calmness this activity brings as it is being experienced by the cook behind the mini kitchen.