Baked Feta Cheese | Miniature Cooking Idea By Miniature Cusina

Baked Feta Cheese | Miniature Cooking Idea By Miniature Cusina

Baked feta cheese is a delicious and popular dish that has gained considerable attention in recent years. It involves baking a block of feta cheese until it becomes soft and creamy, creating a delightful appetizer or topping for various dishes. The process typically involves placing the feta cheBaked Feta Cheese Final productese in a baking dish, drizzling it with olive oil, and adding complementary ingredients such as cherry tomatoes, garlic, herbs, or olives. Once baked to perfection, the feta cheese develops a luscious texture and rich flavor, making it a versatile accompaniment to bread, crackers, or vegetables. Its simplicity and delightful taste have made baked feta cheese a beloved recipe among cheese enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

Baked Feta Cheese Ingredients



Feta Cheese


Olive Oil


Minced Garlic

Pasta (any kind of pasta) I use spiral pasta

Water and salt for pasta 

Feta Cheese Baking



1. Begin by washing the tomatoes under running water.

2. Prepare a baking dish and place the tomatoes in it. Drizzle olive oil over the tomatoes and gently toss to coat.

3. Next, create a space in the center of the dish and place the feta cheese. Pour an additional amount of olive oil over the feta and sprinkle minced garlic and pepper on top.

4. Bake the dish in the oven until the feta cheese is beautifully melted and golden.

5. Once cooked, remove the baked feta cheese from the oven and garnish it with fresh basil.

6. Crush the tomatoes and mix them with the melted cheese.

7. In a separate pot, cook spiral pasta in boiling water with a pinch of salt. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking. Once the pasta is al dente, drain it using a colander.

8. Transfer the cooked pasta to a serving dish or container.

9. Combine the baked feta cheese mixture with the cooked pasta and toss gently to ensure all the flavors are well incorporated.

10. Serve your delicious Baked Feta Cheese Pasta and enjoy!

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Remember to adjust the cooking times and temperatures based on your oven and personal preferences. Feel free to experiment with additional herbs and spices to enhance the flavors to your liking.


Bon appétit!


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