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Miniature Cusina

Miniature Raynolds Cut-rite Wax Paper

Miniature Raynolds Cut-rite Wax Paper

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Hand crafted  miniature Raynolds Cut-rite Wax Paper

High quality paper and  printing

Real small wax paper is an option, or you can simply purchase the box.

Available in two sizes. 

1:4 Scale: 2.5" Length 
1:6 Scale: 1.25" Length

Note: To ensure a smooth process and in order to provide evidence for any potential claims regarding damages or missing items, we kindly request that you please take a video while opening and checking the package. 

Disclaimer:  Handcrafted parody miniature items are intended for entertainment and parody purposes only. This item may mimic or reference existing product, brand, or character. Please note that the sale and use of parody item is protected under the principles of fair use and freedom of expression. The use of parody items is at your own discretion, and we accept no liability for any claims or actions arising from their purchase or use.
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